How to Choose a Niche- Part 2 [Day 4]

Welcome to Day 4 of How To Make Money Blogging With Purpose.

Today we’ll continue learning how to choose a niche.

If you completed yesterday’s assignment on brainstorming a niche, then you should have a list of potential markets, niches or topics.

Now let’s work on making this list more specific by doing some market research.

In other words, you’re about to discover which of your potential markets is a profitable niche – and which ones you should disregard.

Read on…

How to Know You’ve Found a Profitable Niche

Sometimes a marketer finds niches that seem to have very few other online business markets actively working in the niche. And the
first thing the internet marketer sees is dollar signs, as he believes he found an “untapped” or “unexploited” niche.

Maybe you’ll have the same experience and the same thoughts.

If this happens to you, however, consider this: Maybe the niche really isn’t “untapped.” Instead, perhaps the reason
why there aren’t other marketers taking advantage of it is because there isn’t any money in the niche.

When you become a more experienced marketer, you’ll be better able to tell the difference from an untapped niche and a profitable niche.

For now, however, I suggest that you look for niches with plenty of marketers in them. That’s because a lot of marketers selling a lot of different kinds of products generally points
towards a profitable niche.

Here are 2 ways to determine if a niche is profitable…

1. Check Marketplaces

If you’d like to sell information products (i.e., ebooks), then check out the marketplace.

Here’s how to check out the information products that are available:

1. Go To

2. When you get there , simply go to the “marketplace”.

3. Then you can use the search function at the top of your screen (“Find Products”) to uncover niche products.

All you need to do is enter your broad keywords as a search term.

Example: Gardening, dog training, weight loss, quilting, horses… and so on.

For now, you just want to see if there’s an interest in the broad market (and then you can narrow it down to a tighter, more profitable niche later, based on what you uncover during all of this research).

Now look at the results.  Typically, the products near the top of the results are the more popular products. So if you see several products on the same topic at that top of the search results,
that’s a very good sign – it shows there is some demand, and that there’s a market buying the products.

2. Another marketplace you can visit is

Amazon is a good place whether you’re selling info products or physical products.

Again, just enter your main keywords. Those products appearing at the top tend to be the best sellers.

If you see a lot of products, then consider it a good sign.

Today’s task:

Research Clickbank and Amazon as described above.

Tomorrow you’ll discover 5 more steps needed to research your potential markets!

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